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We like to post our thoughts, ideas, past work and also share any great design or creativity that we discover along the way. Please feel free to get in touch, make comment or share your creative gems with us.

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Archive of: Photography

  • From Concept to Creation

    From Concept to Creation

    Ever wondered how the design process comes together?

    We kick off 2020 by taking a look at the individual elements that go into producing a piece of work, in this instance, designing a staff Christmas card.

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  • SME's and Working Overseas

    We were recently asked to carry out a small piece of work for a hotel in Russia. A former client had relocated to St Petersburgh and asked if we could help with a project. We carried out the work and client seemed very happy and it felt very much like business as usual. It made me think about the opportunities that exist for us, and other small companies, to work with clients overseas.

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  • Making time to play...

    Making time to play...

    In a world where everyone is constantly ‘busy’, busy with work and running hectic lives and busy feasting upon and feeding the array of attention draining Apps that live in our pockets, we seem devoid of time to down tools (including phones and tablets!)… and play.

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    Flash back to 1992…

    John Major is Prime Minister as the recession hit UK sees unemployment reach 3 million

    The Prince & Princess of Wales separate and fire rages through Windsor Castle in the year termed ‘Annus Horribilis’

    Plans are unveiled for 5th runway at Heathrow airport

    Alan Shearer, 22, becomes the most expensive footballer costing Blackburn £3.6 million

    Commodore UK release their last budget model Amiga 1200

    Baggy bright clothing, hair scrunchies, double denim and tinted sunglasses are all the rage

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  • Carry On Marketing... 25 Years On

    Carry On Marketing... 25 Years On

    2017 will mark the Silver Anniversary of 2 very important British Institutions - In Association, the small but perfectly formed marketing & design agency (us!) will turn 25 yeas old, and the Carry On franchise is set to return to our screens 25 years after the airing of (the panned) Carry On Columbus.

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  • Insta-grumbles as Instagram launches new Identity

    Insta-grumbles as Instagram launches new Identity

    On Wednesday it was the turn of the camera App Instagram to update its image and it did so under a barrage of criticism and disappointment with many calling for the instant return of its original logo.

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  • Creativity doesn't have to cost the earth...

    Creativity doesn't have to cost the earth...

    We produced this image for our client - The Artemis Team, for an Easter printed mailer / email campaign. The Artemis Team works with vulnerable young people - providing support, accommodation & guidance and helping them towards a life of positive and independent living.

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  • uvex UK Photoshoot with Max Baggio and Darcie Mead

    uvex UK Photoshoot with Max Baggio and Darcie Mead

    It was an early start for the In Association crew as they headed to the Snow Dome, Milton Keynes, for a photo shoot for our client uvex UK, with up and coming down hill super stars Max Baggio and Darcie Mead.

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