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Archive of: Social Media

  • Marketing resolutions for 2018

    Marketing resolutions for 2018

    As the first full working week of 2018 begins it’s a fantastic time to think ahead, make plans for the New Year and create some resolutions for your business. Many people set personal resolutions each New Year – and these plans can be transferred to your business. 5 ideas are outlined below:

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  • Another Happy Customer!

    Another Happy Customer!

    Slick responsive parallax user interface and bespoke Customer Management System.

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    Flash back to 1992…

    John Major is Prime Minister as the recession hit UK sees unemployment reach 3 million

    The Prince & Princess of Wales separate and fire rages through Windsor Castle in the year termed ‘Annus Horribilis’

    Plans are unveiled for 5th runway at Heathrow airport

    Alan Shearer, 22, becomes the most expensive footballer costing Blackburn £3.6 million

    Commodore UK release their last budget model Amiga 1200

    Baggy bright clothing, hair scrunchies, double denim and tinted sunglasses are all the rage

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  • Carry On Marketing... 25 Years On

    Carry On Marketing... 25 Years On

    2017 will mark the Silver Anniversary of 2 very important British Institutions - In Association, the small but perfectly formed marketing & design agency (us!) will turn 25 yeas old, and the Carry On franchise is set to return to our screens 25 years after the airing of (the panned) Carry On Columbus.

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  • Creativity doesn't have to cost the earth...

    Creativity doesn't have to cost the earth...

    We produced this image for our client - The Artemis Team, for an Easter printed mailer / email campaign. The Artemis Team works with vulnerable young people - providing support, accommodation & guidance and helping them towards a life of positive and independent living.

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  • Love it or Loath it - every business needs it. Here's why...

    Love it or Loath it - every business needs it. Here's why...

    Incorporating social media into your marketing is becoming more and more important to SMEs. Social media is not a sales tool, per se, but should form part of the collection of channels you use to promote and market your product & services.

    Social media is now the number one internet activity, with 72% of users active on social media channels. Social media usage is also growing considerably amongst the older generations with 60% of 50-60 year olds regularly using it. Therefore your target markets are very likely to be using social media.

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  • Creating Your Video Marketing Strategy

    Creating Your Video Marketing Strategy

    Watch Video

    For businesses that are yet to embrace video production as a promotional vehicle - the plethora of statistics that have been collated on this activity would strongly suggest that it soon should become an established part of your marketing mix:

    • 50% Of internet users watch business related videos on YouTube, weekly

    • 75% of video users visit the marketer’s website afterwards

    • Video increases customer’s understanding of your product or service by 74%

    • A third of online activity Is spent watching video

    • 70% of marketers are using videos in their marketing strategy

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