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Archive of: Branding

  • Marketing resolutions for 2018

    Marketing resolutions for 2018

    As the first full working week of 2018 begins it’s a fantastic time to think ahead, make plans for the New Year and create some resolutions for your business. Many people set personal resolutions each New Year – and these plans can be transferred to your business. 5 ideas are outlined below:

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  • Designed with punch...

    Designed with punch...

    As I sat mindlessly stirring my coffee in a small deli in Sandhurst, waiting for my car to be MOT’d, these 3 little guys jumped out at me from the very well stocked shelves - and said ‘Hello Steve’.

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  • Insta-grumbles as Instagram launches new Identity

    Insta-grumbles as Instagram launches new Identity

    On Wednesday it was the turn of the camera App Instagram to update its image and it did so under a barrage of criticism and disappointment with many calling for the instant return of its original logo.

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  • What does your colour pallet say about you?...

    What does your colour pallet say about you?...

    The psychology of colour plays a key role in designing an effective brand/logo.

    The human mind is hugely responsive to visual stimuli and colour is one of the main defining factors in that response. On both a conscious and subconscious level colour transmits meaning – in the natural and cultural worlds.

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  • Is your brand in need of a makeover?

    Is your brand in need of a makeover?

    By making slight adjustments to your current logo or brand colour you can…

    • Gain interest from potential new customers

    • Create motivation and excitement within your organisation

    • Ensure your brand keeps current and innovative

    • Demonstrate to existing customers are aware you need to move forward as a company

    • Create interest in relevant industry media and social media channels

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