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We like to post our thoughts, ideas, past work and also share any great design or creativity that we discover along the way. Please feel free to get in touch, make comment or share your creative gems with us.

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  • From Concept to Creation

    From Concept to Creation

    Ever wondered how the design process comes together?

    We kick off 2020 by taking a look at the individual elements that go into producing a piece of work, in this instance, designing a staff Christmas card.

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  • Marketing resolutions for 2018

    Marketing resolutions for 2018

    As the first full working week of 2018 begins it’s a fantastic time to think ahead, make plans for the New Year and create some resolutions for your business. Many people set personal resolutions each New Year – and these plans can be transferred to your business. 5 ideas are outlined below:

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  • SME's and Working Overseas

    We were recently asked to carry out a small piece of work for a hotel in Russia. A former client had relocated to St Petersburgh and asked if we could help with a project. We carried out the work and client seemed very happy and it felt very much like business as usual. It made me think about the opportunities that exist for us, and other small companies, to work with clients overseas.

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  • If Music be the Food of Training...

    If Music be the Food of Training...

    This week we completed and fitted graphics for the training room at The Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch. Another great project to work on. The brief was to brighten the space, make it attractive and welcoming, conducive to learning, with an appropriate theme.

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  • Designed with punch...

    Designed with punch...

    As I sat mindlessly stirring my coffee in a small deli in Sandhurst, waiting for my car to be MOT’d, these 3 little guys jumped out at me from the very well stocked shelves - and said ‘Hello Steve’.

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  • Carry On Marketing... 25 Years On

    Carry On Marketing... 25 Years On

    2017 will mark the Silver Anniversary of 2 very important British Institutions - In Association, the small but perfectly formed marketing & design agency (us!) will turn 25 yeas old, and the Carry On franchise is set to return to our screens 25 years after the airing of (the panned) Carry On Columbus.

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  • Marketing is Rock n' Roll

    Marketing is Rock n' Roll

    We were recently asked to create new in-room dining menus for The Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch, which we delivered in this week. The menus needed to stand out and add a little Va Va Vroom to room service.

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  • Creativity doesn't have to cost the earth...

    Creativity doesn't have to cost the earth...

    We produced this image for our client - The Artemis Team, for an Easter printed mailer / email campaign. The Artemis Team works with vulnerable young people - providing support, accommodation & guidance and helping them towards a life of positive and independent living.

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  • Brainstorm your way to New Ideas

    Brainstorm your way to New Ideas

    Creating fresh or new ideas can be a challenge, especially when you have 1000 other things to think about and work upon each day. However creativity is the life blood of most businesses and helps businesses to keep ahead of the game. Taking time out and brainstorming is the way to go - but these sessions have to be done correctly to help ideas flow and make these sessions feel worthwhile.

    If you have a project that needs some creative input and would like to arrange a free brainstorming session please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Your next genius marketing idea could be just one meeting away! 020 8697 6976

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  • Don't forget the little things

    Don't forget the little things

    We were tasked with creating a voucher entitling guests to a free glass of Champagne within the Glenn Miller Bar at the Thistle Marble Arch hotel. This was to be simple in construction and function - a voucher card to trade for a free glass of bubbly. Often such pieces are seen as just a lost cost and are treated in a fairly bland and uninspiring design.

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