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Creativity doesn't have to cost the earth...

by Steve Lansdell

Creativity doesn't have to cost the earth...

We produced this image for our client - The Artemis Team, for an Easter printed mailer / email campaign. The Artemis Team works with vulnerable young people - providing support, accommodation & guidance and helping them towards a life of positive and independent living.

The concept was to depict the spectrum of young people that they support and the array of feelings and emotions that their clients constantly battle with - sadness, anger, angst, depression, confusion, fear, etc, whilst also portraying their vulnerabilities (the delicate shells that they exist within). The supporting message was that The Artemis Team are a safe pair of hands in which these vulnerable young people and adults can be placed. The message was very well received and understood and was subsequently utilised across their social media channels as well.

The point of this post I guess is two fold. Firstly, being creative is important in all elements of business life. Its about doing things differently, standing away from others and being remembered. Secondly its important to remember creativity doesn’t have to cost lots. In fact, it can be achieved for the price of a box of eggs and a felt tip pen!