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Marketing is Rock n' Roll

by Steve Lansdell

Marketing is Rock n' Roll

We were recently asked to create new in-room dining menus for The Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch, which we delivered in this week. The menus needed to stand out and add a little Va Va Vroom to room service.

We used Jimi Hendrix as the inspiration and added a host of colour to help the menu grab attention. Jimi had a history of staying at The Cumberland Hotel. On his last visit he conducted his last ever interview in his room, just 6 days before he tragically passed away on 18 September, 1970.

The Cumberland has an incredible suite dedicated to the memory of Jimi Hendrix and his images adorn the walls in the foyer. The addition of the in-room dining menu designs will now bring a little Purple Haze magic to every room and help his memory, and his relationship with the hotel, live on.