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by David Hellyer


Flash back to 1992…

John Major is Prime Minister as the recession hit UK sees unemployment reach 3 million

The Prince & Princess of Wales separate and fire rages through Windsor Castle in the year termed ‘Annus Horribilis’

Plans are unveiled for 5th runway at Heathrow airport

Alan Shearer, 22, becomes the most expensive footballer costing Blackburn £3.6 million

Commodore UK release their last budget model Amiga 1200

Baggy bright clothing, hair scrunchies, double denim and tinted sunglasses are all the rage

In a small office in Reigate, a young man called Lee Morrison made big plans to launch a marketing and design agency…In Association.

Zoom forward to 2017…

Stability has been brought back to the Royal Household, but the worldwide political landscape is as uncertain as it has ever been. Hearthrow T5 was opened in 2008 as battle rages for the next airport extension. The Commodore brand is nothing more than a fond memory for 90’s kids and in football £3.6 million pounds wouldn’t even fund Paul Pogba’s big toe.

25 years later and the expanded team at In Association now operates from bigger offices, serving a far larger client base with a whole range of shiny new services and communication channels - email was just emerging in 1992 and receiving an email was a real event! In Association still continues to operate with big plans.

Lee Morrison, founder and MD of In Association remembers: ‘ The early 90s was a tough time for business. The economy was in a dark place - we had been hit by a large recession, which triggered ‘Black Wednesday’ and probably wasn’t the smartest time for anyone to set up in business. However, I had some fantastic clients and contacts at the time - some I still work with today, and they encouraged and supported me to go it alone. Looking back it was one of bravest but best business decisions that I’ve made. Times have certainly changed, the industry is wholly different from the days pre email and websites when you had to rely on phone calls and the yellow pages! I feel very lucky to still be in business 25 years later and owe much to my amazing team, family and clients that support us along the way.

‘Who knows what life will be like in 2042. We’re hoping that the double denim/tinted glasses look remains in the past but we’re looking forward to seeing how the next few years pan out and to continue to embrace the challenges that face us along the way’.