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Large format printing and installation for

Large format printing and installation for

We were recently asked to produce and fit internal branding graphics for Wonga, as part of their office relocation from Mornington Crescent to Southwark.

As with any move - especially one that involves hundreds of staff and complex networks of multiple systems, we had to work around tight schedules and numerous teams of staff, removal companies, system implementors, decorators, networkers (and the rest) for our site visits as well as the actual graphics fit.

Its an exciting time to be part of such a move. The hustle and bustle of the various teams, each with their own skillsets and reasons for being there, working together to make the transition as smooth as possible for the client and their staff. There is always a great energy and teams tend to work together and feed off of each other at these times.

Our role in the move was to bring Wonga to the new, empty, office shell. Other teams are there to make the office functional - to get the important elements working and allow the team to operate as normal. We were there to give the environment a lift, to bring life and personality and help Wonga to stamp their authority and style on this bland, quiet office space.

The Wonga mark was certainly left by the time we had finished and the design was greatly appreciated by staff and other contractors alike. We were also very pleased with the outcome. We hope that the staff feel very at home within their new offices and that the company have great success in their new home over the months and years to come.