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SME's and Working Overseas

by Steve Lansdell

We were recently asked to carry out a small piece of work for a hotel in Russia. A former client had relocated to St Petersburgh and asked if we could help with a project. We carried out the work and client seemed very happy and it felt very much like business as usual. It made me think about the opportunities that exist for us, and other small companies, to work with clients overseas. It also made me think of how much work, without truly registering, we have actually been asked to undertake for clients based in other Countries over the years - even though we have never marketed or sought out work from clients in foreign climes.

Such projects have included as variety of work, such as:

  • Christmas cards and corporate gifts for clients in Switzerland and America
  • Printed collateral for clients in Russia
  • Exhibition stand design, production and assembly for a client in Italy
  • Branding for a company that’s Head Office is located in Hong Kong
  • Scientific poster production for clients in America
  • Brochures, leaflet and direct mail pieces design and production for client in Germany and The Netherlands
  • Photography for a client in France
  • Creation and production of a web application for a prospective client in Sri Lanka

Our strategy has been to concentrate on the UK and, quite often, local markets in London and the South East. We have clients that have purposely chosen to work with us due to our close proximity (as well as our talents!) - as they like personal contact or face-to-face meetings that can be arranged at short notice. This is especially true with new clients that have not come via recommendation.

However, recommendations and reputations do travel and companies and staff do venture to new territories and with such dispersed clients and social networks and the continual advancements of technology providing virtual meetings and video conversations at your fingertips, we will certainly look to broaden our focus onto opportunities that occur further afield.