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Marketing resolutions for 2018

by Steve Lansdell

Marketing resolutions for 2018

As the first full working week of 2018 begins it’s a fantastic time to think ahead, make plans for the New Year and create some resolutions for your business. Many people set personal resolutions each New Year – and these plans can be transferred to your business. 5 ideas are outlined below:

Marketing Resolution number 1 - Be More Active Many personal New Year’s resolutions are based upon fitness and this should be the same for your business – get fit for purpose and get more active.

  1. Brands/identities become stale with time. Breathe new life into yours by freshening up its look and feel. This will breath life into your products, services and your team’s motivation.
  2. Get creative. Do things differently, be attractive and stand out from the crowds.
  3. Create a communications plan – review your social media channels, clean up or source new contact’s lists, create new direct mail / email campaigns, update your website etc. be at the top of your customer’s minds.
  4. Think socially - 71% of consumers who have had a good social media experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others – so use the channels effectively.
  5. Get out of the office - attend more events, visit exhibitions, share more business cards and ideas with other business people. Give your business new energy and traction.

Marketing Resolution 2 - Try Something New The wish to try something new for the forthcoming year is a common personal resolution. This is by far one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions and it follows the old adage that if you keep doing what you always do, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

It’s time to try new things. This can include:

  1. Look at new customer options – this can be reviewing your offering or simply renting new, clean database lists and follow up with an email or direct mail campaign. Reach out to new people.
  2. Look at new social media platforms that might be better suited to your products or services – each channel has their own specific target ranges.

  3. Look at new networking opportunities, groups to join and events. They are great places to trade ideas, pick up advice and help others.
  4. Consider video for your website, social channels and communication. The power of Youtube, Vine, Facebook live, etc, show the importance of video in all forms of communication and this should translate to your business communication.

Marketing Resolution number 3 - Improve Media Relationships Customer relations are key, but so too are the relationships you have with those who will promote your message – reporters, journalists, bloggers, fellow social media users. By building ties with your media you can help your story stand out and increase the chances of great coverage. This includes:

  1. Learn about them - take time to research the channel and read previously written content to gain a feel for what they like to cover, their styles of writing and what they like to write about.
  2. Easy selection – Outline why your piece to fits the brief and is perfect for their audience. Make the life of the writer easy.
  3. Listen - If the writer asks for an interview, image or further comment make sure you follow their direction. This will aid your credibility and make you a trustworthy resource in the future.
  4. Don’t pester - Writers are busy people too. Give them time – but also be pleasantly persistent. Contact is usually preferred via email and not chasing phone calls.

Marketing Resolution number 4 - Save Money (By Blogging) After a glutinous season of eating, drinking and spending to excess a typical resolution is to spend less and save for the future. Blogging is one way to jumpstart your marketing but also make a saving as it typically costs 60% less than traditional marketing methods – whilst greatly increasing your company visibility.

If you haven’t started to blog yet, here are easy four steps to making a start:

  1. Set it up - make sure your site is fit for purpose & choose a platform for your blogs.
  2. Make a plan – Create a schedule that is manageable, whether this is once a day or once a week. Use a calendar to work out key dates and deadlines and start formulating ideas for content to stay ahead of the game.
  3. Make a start – and get writing. Blogs need to be informative, useful and have your personal insight. Search Engines look for good quality posts so focus on writing for your target audience.
  4. Be consistent – schedule your posts so that they are regular and frequent. Blogs that are active engage readers and ultimately translates into improved SEO rankings.

Marketing Resolution number 5 - Stop Procrastinating The start of a new year provides a chance to kick-start your plans with a wave of positivity. Planning ahead will help keep the momentum going and fight the urge to procrastinate throughout the year.

  1. At the start of the year, identify key dates, holidays, anniversaries etc. and build your communication plan around these dates.
  2. Ensure you have dedicated times in your diary to create, upload and promote content – and help yourself with forward planning.
  3. Create a plan for sharing your content – when and how a blog goes live, which days and times you’ll promote that article on your social platforms and in your emails/newsletters.

Some daily procrastination remedies:

  1. Break down your mountainous to-do list into manageable chunks.
  2. Change up your work environment – meet in new environments, attend new events, share thoughts and gain fresh perspective.
  3. Take breaks from work – take a walk, have a change of scenery and get the blood and creativity flowing again.

Capitalise on the momentum and aspirations for a positive and productive New Year and make your marketing a business priority for 2018.