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From Concept to Creation

by David Hellyer

From Concept to Creation

Ever wondered how the design process comes together?

We kick off 2020 by taking a look at the individual elements that go into producing a piece of work, in this instance, designing a staff Christmas card.

To start we need to rewind to the initial concept meeting back on October. The brief was to deliver a fun and engaging Christmas card for staff members, incorporating 14 images of line manages to appear on the cover. As the card was to be A5 finished size, this presented a challenge to incorporate all 14 figures and a message within the limited space. We came up with 4 initial concepts that could work for the brief and very roughly sketched out the ideas and presented them to client.

Below you can see the stickman layout of how the staff would be positioned around the wording and discussions were had about who would go where. The general manager for instance needed to be prominent but not over powering. Also staff that generally worked together needed to be grouped together.

The next step was to arrange a photoshoot. Budget, staff commitments and timing did not permit for a studio shoot. We therefore set up a mini studio at their premises. Each staff member would only be needed for a few minutes each. A well lit studio would have been preferred but design is all about adapting to the brief and associated limits.

How the staff were positioned in the shoot was essential to how they looked when placed on the lettering so time was spent ensuring their positioning correct.

After the shoot was complete, all that remained was to cut out the images and drop them into the layout. Tweaking the colour balance and lighting direction ensured everyone looked the same tonally. We then added shadows to each staff member, added a background for depth and to make the card more visually appealing, finishing off with lights, snowflakes and Santa flying through the sky. Below is the rest of the processes spoken about as well as the final product.

We hope you found this insight into the creative process interesting. If you have a project you wish to discuss please email or call: 07939 503140.

Merry Christmas Cut out staff Card Background Shadows and design elements

Final Card

Applications used: Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Photoshop CC

Printed: A5 350gsm Gloss