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Carry On Marketing... 25 Years On

by Steve Lansdell

Carry On Marketing... 25 Years On

2017 will mark the Silver Anniversary of 2 very important British Institutions - In Association, the small but perfectly formed marketing & design agency (us!) will turn 25 yeas old, and the Carry On franchise is set to return to our screens 25 years after the airing of (the panned) Carry On Columbus.

Whilst the Carry On team was snuggling down for a prolonged period of hibernation, In Association was starting out on an exciting journey of unknowns. The world of marketing in 1992 was a far cry from the marketing landscape today. Email was just emerging - we were reliant on the good ol’ phone n’ fax. Artwork was hand delivered in cardboard tubes and proofed on large printed sheets and ‘a social strategy’ meant meeting a client at the pub for a pint and a pie at lunch.

The political and world landscapes have also changed beyond recognition since the likes of Erasure and Right Said Fred were blasting out of the radio. We have witnessed horrifying acts of terrorism and tragedy, have experienced 2 hefty periods of recession and are again in a period of major uncertainty with the EU referendum vote taking place on Thursday. Whatever the outcome - there will be undoubted change and I think we’ll continue with the coping strategies that have helped us to survive thus far:

  1. Enjoy what we do and (more importantly) enjoy who we work with - its all about good relationships.
  2. Look to evolve and roll with the trends - and don’t be scared of them.
  3. Keep saying yes to clients and finding a way to make things happen.

Although life is all about moving forward - you can always look to the past to source ideas and inspirations. One in particularly that I think we will use more than we have done in a very long time - that lunchtime pie and pint.